This website is about supporting smokers who would like to stop smoking cigarettes. I myself was a chain smoker (smoked between 20-30 cigarettes a day) for many years. However my last cigarette was over ten years ago. From my personal experience, I can say that smoking can be both very easy or be very difficult. It all depends on what approach you use. I wanted to quit smoking for so many years and struggled immensely. However when I found the right approach for me, I realized that stopping cigarettes is remarkably easy!

The willpower approach, where you try to stop smoking cold turkey without any support, can be very difficult and will significantly increase your chances of relapsing. However, when we use aids such as nicotine patches, vapors, gums or inhalers; our chances of succeeding increases dramatically. For me personally using nicotine patches was the most successful method. Whilst other people may find reading a good book on smoking will cure them of this evil habit.

Having more energy for exercise or saving more disposable cash for holidays and products you really want are also great motivators. However the biggest motivator is the fact that one is free of this disgusting habit which ruins your health, causes bad breath, costs a fortune and keeps you a prisoner where you are constantly seeking your next ‘fix’. We are all unique individuals; what works successfully for one person may prove to be less effective for another person. The key is to not give up your quest of saying a big ‘No’ to smoking. If I can do it then can you as well!

My mission is to free people from this great EVIL. I am not against smokers at all and feel for them. I have been there myself when my whole life was completely controlled by smoking. I am, however, against the act of smoking itself! This is a deed which has ruined so many lives, through diseases such as ulcers, lung cancer, mouth cancer and even premature death!

You are not alone my friend. Together we will ensure that you stop smoking forever and not live your life craving the next ‘fix.’ I implore that you read other sections of this website in order to reverse the brainwashing that you need a cigarette. Believe me you don’t!!!!